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About Heka

What is Heka all about?

Heka is an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to empower HR staff make educated decisions with regards to the company's workforce.

Artificial intelligence speeds up the world in general and the labor market in particular. These days, you cannot afford to rely on old and time consuming methods of recruiting.

Unbiased predictions

A huge number of social injustices and inequalities arise from biased recruitment and promotion practices. Heka actively invests efforts in preventing AI bias.

Our product places algorithmic employment and algo-promotion at your fingertips, maximizing your teams' potential and efficacy.

Prepare for change

Artificial intelligence is shaping a new labor architecture. Many jobs will be created, while some will become obsolete for good. Heka aims to smooth this migration of skills and needs, perhaps the most important social phenomena we face since 1781, the year when James Watt unveiled the steam engine.


Make recruitment and promotion fair and easy. For everyone. Forever.

How would a world without racial, gender, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity discrimination look like?

Heka's objective is to make all discriminatory behavior virtually impossible!

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Heka converts electricity into artificial intelligence to help your company recruit the right people

Talent Attraction

Heka reads all the applications you receive, prioritizing the ones with high potential and offering you more time to focus on a smaller group of candidates

Engage potential candidates

Heka instantly engages with applicants, automating the pre-interview processes and interview scheduling, connecting your company to a pool of candidates way larger than any human recruiter would be able to

We give you arguments

Heka justifies every decision - every time. Each recommendation comes with a report containing all the indicators that were taken into account

Internal mobility

Keep your most talented employees motivated and manage your company's internal mobility in an unbiased manner, by promoting the right people at the right time and properly assigning them to maximize productivity

Evaluate your workforce

Heka provides you with the tools you need to evaluate your employees against the market

Market overview

In a world full of rapid changes, our technology offers you the possibility to get in touch with the most relevant market dynamics, needs and trends


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